Silhouette Contacts

Chairman -Jim Heath [email protected]


- Silhouette Target Rules -

  • None of the targets should be shot with rifles using bottle-necked cartridges.
  • The targets on the left side of the range are regular steel and should only be shot with .22 LR rifles and pistols.
  • The targets on the right side of the range are field pistol targets. They are T1 steel. They should only be shot with the following:
    • Pistols firing handgun cartridges whose cases are no longer than a .44 Magnum case.
    • Pistols firing one of the following bottle-necked cartridges: .22 Hornet, .270 REN, .32-20 with length of 1.32in, .25-20.
    • Pistols firing .22 LR or .22 WMR rimfires as manufactured.
    • For fun shoots Cowboy rifles are acceptable. These are pistol cartridges loaded to Cowboy specs. Lead only.
  • The shooting bench and backstop can be used for any firearm permitted by club rules.

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