Membership can not be purchased online at this time, however we are accepting new members. Please see the information on joining Wildcat Valley R&P Club below.

Anyone interested in joining the Wildcat Valley Rifle & Pistol Club is required to meet the following criteria and to complete the steps listed below in order to be considered for membership.

Applicant must be a citizen or a legal resident of the United States of America, have no criminal record or subversive record, and have no history of mental illness.

Anyone accepted as a regular member will be required to perform 12 work-hours at the club annually. The work may be helping at events, maintenance at the club ranges, or other club-related activities away from the range, as approved by the board of directors. All hours not worked will be billed at $10 per hour.

General Club Membership

$220 (First Year)

  • Personal keycard for club property access
    • Membership includes a keycard which affords you access to the club on your schedule!
  • Discounted Match Fees
    • Members receive discounted entry fees to most matches.
  • Access to member-only events
    • Classes, seminars, and other events for members only.
  • Modern, practical facility for all disciplines
    • The 41 acre facility includes a 300 Yard Rifle Range with wireless electronic targets, Trap & Skeet ranges, as well as 6 practical bays and a dedicated 100 Yard range with covered benches.

Steps to be considered for Membership:

1. Acquire an application packet. These are available through any club member, or may be
obtained from the club Membership Secretary or downloaded from this web site. Contents
include the following:
a. One Club application
b. One copy of the Club By-Laws
c. Two copies of the Range Rules
d. One copy of the Club Operating Rules

2. First Reading of Application – This is done at any Regular Membership meeting (1st Wed. of each month, at 7:30PM). Your sponsor or potential sponsor (if available) should be prepared to introduce you to the membership. This reading must take place with the applicant present and at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the meeting at which the membership vote will take place. The application must be filled out and turned in to the Membership Secretary prior to the meeting. A $10 non-refundable Application Fee is due at this time. Until this reading, the applicant may only visit the Wildcat Valley Rifle & Pistol Club Facility during events which are designated as open to the public, or one time as a guest. Once this reading takes place, he may continue to attend events open to the public, and may visit the range as a guest of any member in good standing for a period of 6 (six) months from that meeting date. (This is a one-time per applicant lifetime opportunity). This will allow the applicant to get acquainted with club members. It is also designed to allow applicants to participate in club sponsored events as well as visiting the range with a variety of members so that he may acquire the required two (2) sponsors (see item #9) and to get the required three (3) participation affidavit signatures (see item #8). It also allows the applicant to meet enough people to acquire the “no less than fifteen (15) votes” (see item 10) at the time of the Membership Vote.

3. Show Proof of NRA Membership- The Wildcat Valley Rifle & Pistol Association is a 100% NRA Club. Proof of membership must be shown to the Membership Secretary who will enter that information into the club records.

4. Provide Positive Picture ID- Driver’s License, etc. is required.

5. Background Check- A current Indiana Handgun Permit (Concealed or Target), Firearm Purchase Receipt dated within one year of application, or a Background Check completed at applicant’s expense, is required of all applicants.

6. Have Recent Photo Posted in Club House (optional)- This photo will allow club members to recognize applicants and should help everyone involved get to know one another.

7. Attend a Range Orientation- The Range Orientations may be scheduled by contacting the Orientation Officer). Eye and Hearing protection are required. The Orientation Officer will sign your application indicating that you have successfully completed this step. You will also be required to review, sign, and turn in one copy of the Club Range Rules along with your
application. It is suggested that an appointment with a Range Orientation Officer be made ahead of time.

Range Safety Orientation Video

8. Affidavits of Participation -Applicants must participate in no less than three (3) events (match, workday, buddy- shoot with a club member, etc.) and have a club member (nonsponsor) sign an affidavit on the back of the application, stating that the applicant took part in that event.

9. Sponsorship-Each applicant must have two (2) current members in good standing as sponsors. These sponsors must have been a member for more than one year. These sponsors may be a club member that the applicant has known prior to applying, or may be acquired by his/her participation in matches or other club events. The primary sponsor should be prepared to introduce the applicant to the membership and give his opinion as to why the applicant would make a good club member.

10. Membership Voting -The actual vote on acceptance as a member takes place quarterly (January, April, July, and October) at the Club’s Regular Monthly Meeting (1st Wed of each month at 7:30 PM). The applicant must be present at the meeting that his/her application will be brought up for a vote.

11. Fees Due at the meeting when you join:
$100 Annual Club Dues
$100 One-time Membership Fee
$20 Keypass Fee
$220 Total Due (First Year)

Membership Information Packet

General information about membership at Wildcat Valley


Download and print a copy of this application. This will be completed as you progress through the membership process outlined above.

Range Rules

Download and read the range rules. It is your responsibility as a member to understand and follow these rules.


The governing by-laws for Wildcat Valley

Operating Rules

These operating rules define the processes and controls in place for Wildcat Valley

Range Safety Orientation Video

View a video about range safety at Wildcat (opens in a new tab)