- General Announcements -

Letter to Club Members and Wildcat Valley Facility Users re: Covid-19

** Sep 21 Update - Access to the club is only possible from the NORTH on 300, use the new driveway only.
Here is a quick detour map that uses 200 to bypass the closure.
Acess may be congested with constructed traffic. **

*** IMPORTANT: Access to the club will be unavailable late during the week of 9/15.
Exact dates will be posted as soon as we receive them, check here for more info. ***

*** New gate has been installed. Padlock will be on Gate, electronics temporarily disabled. BRING YOUR MEMBER KEY to the club ***

Event Updates:
New Highpower Matches Approved (Hoosier Home Range Hundred series):
Saturday 9/26, Highpower HHRH 8:00 AM (Range 1)

*** Junior Club has Resumed ***
** Trap and Skeet Programs Resume on June 1st **
If you plan to attend the general membership meetings, please wear a mask.

****  2020 Club Calendar is available.  *****


- Operations Officer Announcements -

** Due to a price increase of clay targets, the cost will raise to
$3.00/member per round of trap & skeet, and $6 for non-members**

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